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Manito Co-op is located on the top floor in Rooms 208, 209, & 210 of Manito United Methodist Church:
3220 S Grand Blvd
Spokane, WA 99203

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"Co-op has been my rock: a safe place to connect with other parents, develop friendships and casually discuss pertinent parenting issues." - Meghan

Welcome to Manito Cooperative Preschool

Parents and children attend co-op together. Working with the facilitator, parents enhance the parenting experience by furthering personal growth and parenting skills while benefiting from peer-to-peer support. Their child's development is enhanced through a variety of age-appropriate learning experiences.

Manito Cooperative Preschool is affiliated with the Spokane Community College Parent Education Program. Members of Manito Co-op enroll as community college students taking a non-graded Parent Education class. The community college, in turn, helps fund the facilitator's contracts and also allows co-op to access the educational resources at the college.

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