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Manito Cooperative Preschool, Spokane, WA
Manito Cooperative Preschool
Learn & Grow with Your Child!
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Manito Cooperative Preschool
P.O. Box 8283
Spokane, WA 99203-8283

"Co-op has been my rock: a safe place to connect with other parents, develop friendships and casually discuss pertinent parenting issues." - Meghan

Welcome to Manito Cooperative Preschool

We're hiring! Click this link to learn more about becoming a facilitator.

Manito Cooperative Preschool is a place for parents and children to learn and grow together in a safe, secure and developmentally appropriate environment. It is a place where children explore, discover, imagine, create, talk, pretend, dance and sing.

Parents and children attend co-op together. Working with the facilitator(s), parents enhance the parenting experience by furthering personal growth and parenting skills while benefiting from peer-to-peer support. Their child's development is enhanced through a variety of age-appropriate learning experiences.

Manito Cooperative Preschool is affiliated with the Spokane Community College Parent Education Program. Members of Manito Co-op enroll as community college students taking a non-graded Parent Education class. The community college, in turn, helps fund the facilitators' contracts and also allows co-op to access the educational resources at the college.

The health and wellbeing of our families, facilitators, and greater community are our highest priorities. Because of the restrictions currently in place by the state and the church, we have decided to temporarily close the infant and toddler programs. Our preschool program will begin as a distance learning program. We will continue to monitor the situation and reassess the possible opening of our programs in person on a quarterly basis and inform families of any developments. If you have any questions, please contact us at 
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