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Manito Co-op is located on the top floor in Rooms 208, 209, & 210 of Manito United Methodist Church:
3220 S Grand Blvd
Spokane, WA 99203

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What is a cooperative preschool?

Manito Cooperative Preschool is affiliated with the Community Colleges of Spokane Institute for Extended Learning. Parents and children attend co-op together. Working with the facilitator, parents enhance their parenting experience by furthering personal growth and parenting skills while benefiting from peer-to-peer support. Their child's development is enhanced through a variety of age-appropriate learning experiences.

Members of Manito Co-op enroll as community college students taking a non-graded Parent Education class. The classes are 3 credits per quarter. The community college, in turn, helps fund the facilitator's contract and also allows the co-op to tap into the educational resources at the college.

How are parents involved?

Parents are an integral part of the program. They work as a team with the program facilitator (teacher) to provide stimulating learning experiences and fulfill the needs of the co-op by accepting a job for the year (ex. historian, snack, or field trip coordinator, etc.). Most importantly, parents act as a support group for each other, sharing experiences, frustrations, solutions, and successes. 

What is a parent seminar?

Once a month, parents attend an evening educational seminar typically presented by a guest speaker. Past seminars have included topics such as "Allergies in Children," "Internet Safety," "Kindergarten Panel," "Exercise for Busy Parents," "Love and Logic," "Nutrition for your Kids," and many more! If you are interested in presenting at a parent seminar, please email us at 

What is a typical class like?

The facilitator provides age-appropriate activities for each class. This includes arts/crafts, sensory exploration, reading, math concepts, fine motor, gross motor, music, and movement. A typical day involves free play for the children to explore hands-on activities, snack time, and circle time with reading, songs, and movement.

What does it cost?

Parents pay quarterly (Fall, Winter, Spring) tuition to the Community Colleges of Spokane for the parent education piece and monthly tuition to Manito Co-op for the class.

A 30% sibling discount is offered for each family with more than one child enrolled in Co-op. The discount is good for the lowest price tuition.

All children who are attending will need current immunization records on file at Manito Co-op.

Financial assistance is available to families that meet certain requirements. Please contact us for up-to-date tuition rates and/or more information about scholarship opportunities.

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