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Meet the Facilitators

Ann-Marie Patel - Toddler Facilitator

After moving to Spokane from the Midwest in 2010, Ann-Marie was looking for a community.  With young children and a busy husband, she needed a village. A friend introduced her to Manito Co-op and she is forever grateful. Ann-Marie has been involved with Co-op for seven (7) years and recently (2019) became our infant/toddler facilitator. Ann-Marie enjoys planning crafts and circle time - she is certified in baby sign and likes to incorporate this into her classes! Ann-Marie has three (3) children and a background in nursing, she was born and raised in England, but found her home in Spokane.

Nikki Strong - Preschool Facilitator

Nikki moved to Spokane after graduating from the University of Idaho.  In Spokane, she planted her roots and started her family.  From the infant classes all the way to preschool level, Nikki has brought each of her three children through Manito Co-op.  She loves spending time with preschoolers in a family-supported environment.  Nikki facilitates activities, learning, and play to bring both children and families together.  As a registered dietitian, she loves cooking up healthy (and not-so-healthy) recipes, camping, traveling, and participating in obstacle course racing with her entire family.

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